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“This is not a miniseries,” Baer clarified, referencing early reports. “It’s a 13-episode series.” Continued Vaughan, “Stephen King’s book takes place over a relatively short period of time. But when we first started talking about [to him], he said, ‘When I came up with this idea, I envisioned a town being trapped for years at a time. That’s something that you guys could get to do that I didn’t, and that might necessitate a different ending.” That means fans of the novel can look forward to a completely different conclusion to the saga. “We pitched Stephen a far-out, big-swing [ending] for if we’re lucky enough for this to go several years, and he was so excited about it,” revealed Vaughan.

Things are not quite what they seem under the dome. “The characters are complicated,” Baer noted. “The people you think are bad may not be so bad, and the ones you think are good may not be so good. Don’t believe everything you see in the beginning.”
Baer shared that each episode — of Season 1, at least — will amount to one day. “That seems to have worked for us in this first [batch of] episodes.”
Life on the outside will be explored “very, very rarely,” Vaughan teased. “I really like the feeling that we are trapped in here with these characters. Our POV, for the most part, will remain inside Chester’s Mill.” The EP added, “We didn’t want to do lots of flashbacks to the characters’ past, and we won’t be cutting to [other times] just to shake things up a bit. We wanted to challenge ourselves by setting up in this one location.”

Might some of the Chester’s Mill townsfolk actually be in on the mystery that is the dome? “That’s a strange thought,” Vaughan laughed. “So, that’s our answer.”

Why is the dome causing such a physical reaction in teenagers? Why did the doctor die? Each of these questions and more will be addressed sooner rather than later. “This first season, you’ll get lots of answers from things in the pilot,” promised Vaughan. “We’ve made a conscious decision that if we present a mystery, we will solve it for you before we start introducing new ones.”
Any chance these people can just dig their way out of the dome? “We promise you that is answered in Episode 2,” Baer assured.


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AuthorJoe Camillieri