On Thursday, King made an appearance in Hartford, CT to benefit the Mark Twain Foundation.  It included a VIP banquet (which I attended) and a stage interview at the Bushnell Center. 

From theday.com .

Billed as "Stephen King in Conversation," the program benefitted the Mark Twain House and Museum. And however familiar King might be at this point, his status is such that fans in the sold-out hall were thrilled for the opportunity to spend 90 minutes riding, so to speak, with The King.
McEnroe chose what was probably the only realistic path, asking broad-stroke questions on topics such as King's disapproval of Stanley Kubrick's film of "The Shining," past addictions to alcohol, cocaine and Oxycontin, and the Rock Bottom Remainders - a band made of bestselling authors including King, Dave Barry and Amy Tan.
King, tall and lean in jeans and a short-sleeve black shirt, and twisting the cap on a 16-ounce bottle of Diet Pepsi, was relaxed and in great humor. And if he seasoned his responses and stories with no shortage of folksy F-bombs, well, that's relatively mild given the collective mayhem in his books.

There's lots more HERE including some highlights of the interview. 


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AuthorJoe Camillieri