The Portland Press Herald published a review of Survivor Type, a dollar baby by Maine native Billy Hanson.

Overflowing with clever filmmaking ideas, a great performance by Emery and some truly gut-churning special effects, "Survivor Type" captures the essence of King's grisly story.
Just ask the audience at the world premiere in Bangor last August.
"Two people walked out in Bangor," Hanson said with a laugh. "One person passed out -- my cousin. He left to throw up, and fainted in the lobby. Poor kid."
Anyone looking to vomit, swoon or just see some great Stephen King film horrors will, for the time being, have to hit the road (or a ship, if you dare).
Following the "Dollar Babies" rules, "Survivor Type" has made the rounds at film festivals as far-flung as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oklahoma and Australia.

Unfortunately you'll probably never get to see it:

That's Big Steve's fault, as the film was licensed through the Bangor horror legend's "Dollar Babies" program, where students or beginning filmmakers can purchase the rights to one of King's short stories for a buck.
(Attention, Maine filmmakers -- the complete list of unclaimed stories can be found
The only catch: As part of the agreement, the resulting film can't be streamed online, sold on DVD or in any way exhibited for money.

Read the whole review HERE.

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