Fantastic article with some great insights into Stephen King and his amazing family. 

From the New York Times


On a drizzly morning in July, King, his wife and their children gathered in Maine for a reunion the week of the Fourth and compared notes on what constituted chores in the King household. As they talked, they were crowded around a rather small kitchen table in a lakeside guesthouse, where King’s 41-year-old son, Joe Hill, was staying, a short drive from the family’s summer home.
Entertaining their parents, for the King children, was part job, part enrichment. At bedtime, they were the ones expected to tell their parents stories, instead of the other way around. Whatever their methods or intentions, Stephen and Tabitha’s shared vocation, and their approach to child rearing, has yielded a significant number of successful fiction writers in their household. Tabitha is an accomplished writer with eight novels to her credit, and two of their three children, Joe and Owen, are novelists. (Naomi is a Unitarian Universalist minister.) Joe’s “NOS4A2,” a sprawling mix of horror and fantasy that is his third critically praised best seller, was published last April; Owen’s second work of fiction, a well-received comedic novel titled “Double Feature,” was published in March. Owen, perhaps inevitably, married a writer, Kelly Braffet, whose third novel, a literary thriller called “Save Yourself,” is out this month. And Stephen’s much-anticipated sequel to the “The Shining,” titled “Doctor Sleep,” comes out this fall.

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