From Arrow in the Head:

Mike Flanagan is directing an adaptation of Gerald's Game.  He most recently helmed Oculus starring Karen Gillan.  He spoke to Fangoria about the upcoming film.

I’ve been wanting to make GERALD’S GAME for ten years. I love that novel and I first started trying to acquire the rights around that time. After OCULUS came out, King had seen the movie and really liked it, so things finally fell into place for GERALD’S GAME. I’m so excited about that, but talk about a difficult movie! If you want to talk about the strange structure of OCULUS, GERALD’S GAME is really out there.

GERALD’S GAME is intimate and contained on a level that’s really exciting from a creative point of view. It’ll be a really strange and exciting movie for an audience, and there’s nothing quite like it. For the longest time, I’d look at that book and be convinced it was unfilmable, but I finished the script late last year and at the moment, I’m convinced it is filmable. It’s a strange one, but we’re casting that right now and hopefully we’ll be going into production on that in late winter or early spring of next year.


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