From Lilja's Library:

Bad Little Kid is King’s latest story. The difference between this one and many others is that it’s only published in French (Sale Gosse) and German (Böser Kleiner Junge). King did this as a thanks to the French and German fans for the nice time he had there in November 2013. I’m sure it will be released in English eventually but no date has been set so far and it might take a while.


As usual King create great characters and tells a great story and even though this one is rather short (you can finish it in one sitting) it’s just the right length for what the story needs. It’s a simple story but it captures you and gets you to ask why is this happening to Hallas and what has he done to bring it on? Or is he getting exactly what he deserves? 

Sounds good.  For the rest hit the link above.

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AuthorJoe Camillieri