Photo from Lilja's Library

During his appearance in Hamburg, King told the crowd that while in Paris he got an idea for a new book.

From Lilja's Library:

So here's this guy who fly into La Guardia airport and his plane is late and he goes down to get his luggage and his luggage is off course the last one of the plane and the thing is he's coming to New York because all though he's married he has a mistress and he told his wife his going to be home tomorrow but he's been detained on business. So he's all ready and gearing to go when he has all these things holding him back. So the plane is late, luggage is last, he goes out to the taxi, his at the end of the queue and he finally gets a cab and he goes into New York. As the cab pulls up next to another car he looks into it and sees a woman and a man sitting there and as he looks the man take a razor out of his jacket and cuts the woman’s throat. Well, what does this guy do now? I don't know...

Most of these ideas never get written, but it's cool anyway.


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