Famed author Stephen King, who’s horror-filled erudite tomes such as Carrie, The Stand, The Shining, Salem’s Lot, and countless others, have been scaring the hell out of the world for almost 40 years now, is getting his own category on the popular long-running game show Jeopardy!, on an episode to be aired this Tuesday, March 5th.

The category follows in the footsteps of the success the program had when they did one for the Marvel Universe back in November of last year, which we covered here. That category had brain twisted comic book denizens from coast to coast. Now the same will be done with Mr. King, and viewers who tune in this Tuesday will be able to test their knowledge and see if they can run the category and answer all five questions or be stumped.

Either way, it should be a fun half hour for all as you’ll get to test your Stephen King acumen. A small treat is also in store for King fans, which we need to keep hush hush here, but it will be revealed on the program Tuesday, so tune in to Jeopardy! to find out. Check your local stations for air times.


As many have already noted, tonight's episode of Jeopardy will have a category on Stephen King. What they didn't know: Tonight's episode of Jeopardy will feature a complete board of questions related to Stephen and his body of work.

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AuthorJoe Camillieri