Stephen was on the Today show this morning promoting Joyland.

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They also printed a list of his favorite reads of the year:

A father is prejudiced -- but two of the best books I read this year were written by my sons.
William Morrow
by Joe Hill
(William Morrow)
It's out now (a New York Times bestseller). It's scary.
'Double Feature: A Novel' 
by Owen King,
Published in March. It is also out now. It's funny.
'Joyland': Stephen King returns with a pulp fiction thriller
Putnam Adult
'Silken Prey'
by John Sandford
(Putnam Adult)
An unscrupulous female Senate candidate engages in murder to cover up dirty tricks.

'The Uninvited' 
by Liz Jensen
The children of the world turn murderous and bring civilization to a halt (pint-sized zombies, anyone?). Jensen is a terrific writer, and the story winds up to a fever pitch.

Reagan Arthur Books
'Life After Life' 
by Kate Atkinson
(Reagan Arthur Books)

The main character lives her life over and over again, with different results each time (in one of her lives, she assassinates Adolf Hitler).

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