King spoke in a conference call with the press about his upcoming appearance at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell's Tsongas Center. 

“I think people have a hunger for things that are scary, and for the fantastic that is sort of wedded to everyday life and every day things,” King said.
“When you see something like what’s going on in Gaza and Israel now, that’s a fear of some kind of escalation of things getting out of control, and that is kind of a persuasive thing,” King said. “It’s like a whole-body fever – it’s just a feeling you can’t do anything about, and you are sort of a helpless spectator to that, and the same thing is true in books and movies that are scary.”
He added, “You can control it, and if you get really scared, you can leave the movie theater or close the book, right? The only thing you can do with a real-life situation, like what’s going on in the Middle East, is turn off the TV – which is akin to an ostrich burying its hand in the sand – not quite the same thing, somehow.”

The transcript of the whole call is HERE.

King is appearing at the UMass Tsongas Center on December 7th.

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