Here is a Conference call transcript from Spoiler TV.  

Lucas Bryant was interviewed by several publications about season 4 of Haven that airs September 13.

Operator:        And our first question is from the line of Kyle Nolan of Please go ahead.
Kyle Nolan:        So this season starts off a bit bleak and Nathan seems to be this dejected version of himself, not the confident guy he used to be. So can you talk a little bit about what it has been like playing that version of the character?
Lucas Bryant:        Yeah, that was a really cool turn for me. I mean you know as you said, Nathan has always been maybe a little bit too sure of himself. I mean sure, he’s always got doubts, but he had this kind of blind trust in himself, and Audrey, and that as you saw at the end of Season 3 led to a disastrous outcome.
So now, yeah, getting to explore that you know ruin side of him was a lot of fun, and you know, continuing out through Season 4, he has a new mission, but it is as you say, a lot darker, and that was a lot of fun.
Kyle Nolan:        And can you talk a little bit about now Dwight has this new role. Can you talk about how that changes up the dynamic between Nathan and Dwight?
Lucas Bryant:        Yeah, just for everyone’s information, Adam is not here, but I am happy - any questions that you have that you are going to address to him, I am totally willing to take them on. I will give you way better answers than he would.
Yeah, Dwight is in a bunch of this season, which is a blast.
Lucas Bryant:        So yes, Dwight sort of gave Nathan some new leeway to not have to always follow the rules, not having to act the role of Chief and I’m able to get a little bit more dirty. And the relationship with Dwight is fun. I mean he is a real jerk to work with, but I’ve sort of tamed the beast. And so, we got to play a lot around with him.
 I always sort of felt that he was kind of like an older brother, although I am actually ten years older than the actual actor. He felt like an older brother whom Nathan - someone who knew a lot more about what was going on here. But he was someone that I kind of needed to corral I suppose, and now, the tables have been turned.

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AuthorJoe Camillieri