Finders Keepers is the second in a planned series of 3 crime novels by Stephen King.  The first, Mr. Mercedes, introduces us to a retired police detective, Bill Hodges and a pair of unlikely heroes, who solve a horrific mass murder.

Finders Keepers is a different kind of story but with similar tones.  It works as a sequel, but can also be read as a stand alone novel.  There are some basic ties with Mr. Mercedes including the City Center Massacre and our trio of detectives.  The story focuses around a teenage boy and a murderer, both character types that King excels at writing.  Writing and writers are also a theme in the book, which we've seen before in King's novels.  He seems to like going back to this often, probably because it's such familiar territory for him.  

The pacing of the novel is different this time than in Mr. Mercedes.  The first half of the story bounces between 1978 and 2009-2013, where we are introduced to Morris Bellamy and Pete Saubers.  Morris, who is obsessed with a Salinger like author named John Rothstein and Saubers, a 13 year old boy who stumbles upon buried treasure.  Hodges and crew aren't even introduced until half way through the book at which point things speed up and lead to a high-stakes confrontation between good and evil.

Finders Keepers was an excellent read.  There's plenty of suspense and some genuine surprises, as we've generally come to expect from King.  I liked the differences between this and Mr. Mercedes, it wasn't just another crime solving novel with unlikely detectives.  It was quite good and seems to be leading straight to the third book in the series, tentatively titled The Suicide Prince.

Two thumbs up from this constant reader.


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