A rumor from schmoesknow.com:

But a HOT SCOOP came across my desk today and it’s VERY interesting. After confirming its validity through two close sources with knowledge of the project, it appears Alfonso Cuarón has been offered the exclusive right to say yes or no to direct THE OVERLOOK HOTEL at WB; a prequel to THE SHINING.


Now, we know that he is in talks to possibly helm the Harry Potter semi-prequel (though it has nothing to do with Harry so prequel? Nay. Spin-off? Yay.)

With Hollywood, these “talks” can end and a director, actor, writer etc can move on. That’s to say that FANTASTIC BEASTS & WHERE TO FIND THEM could also be passed over.

So with this new project THE OVERLOOK HOTEL, it’s only that Alfonso appears to be the studios TOP CHOICE to direct the film and that the ball is in Alfonso’s court. Whether or not he will say yes is a totally different matter. He might say no. He might demand script revisions. He might be scared from the reading of said script and go hide in a closet until the ghosts go away – who knows! But the fact of the matter is, WB wants Mr. Cuarón.

After some digging, thanks to our friends over at /FILM, here is some details on the script and people involved:

The proposed prequel is called The Overlook Hotel, and Glen Mazzara, who was the showrunner on The Walking Dead for the last two years, is in talks to write it.

Deadline first reported the news of the deal. The film will be produced by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Bradley Fischer (Shutter Island and Zodiac producer) and James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, Zodiac). Of note is this tweet from the Hollywood Reporter: “Glen Mazzara’s dealmaking for the Shining prequel is in sensitive territory so there’s a chance it may not make.”

So behind the scenes, we don’t know if Mazzara’s script is the one in question and whether or not this will tempt Cuarón to come on board. But as both projects are lined up at WB, could this be the studio roping Cuarón in for FANTASTIC BEASTS and then THE OVERLOOK HOTEL? Seems that way to me.

And let’s just say this: Alfonso Cuarón would SLAY a Shining prequel. His tone, style and attention to detail would make him a fantastic choice for this material. And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the Oscar winner get his hands on a supernatural thriller. I also like that Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara is handling scripting duties. It’s an amazing tandem of awesomeness to consider and, like I said, nothing is set in stone… yet… But, I’m guessing, some announcement regarding THE OVERLOOK HOTEL will be made soon since a script has just been turned in.

Interesting.  I'll let you all know if this rumor becomes fact.


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