Richard Dawson, the host of The Family Feud for more than 10 years, has passed away at the age of 79.

Stephen King fans know him best as Damon Killian, evil mastermind/host of a 2017 reality survivalist game show called The Running Man in which criminals could win their freedom -- if they defeat the heavily armed killers who are guest "stars" on the show.

The movie also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, an innocent man wrongly convicted of a crime who must choose "hard time or prime time." He chooses the latter, obviously, and becomes a contestant who must literally run for his life.  There is a cameo by Jesse Ventura which puts two future US Governors in the flick.

The film has little to do with the original King story found in The Bachman Books by Richard Bachman, King's only know pseudonym.

Here's the trailer from the movie:



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