Jeff Otto from Indiewire had a chance to ask Jonathan Demme some questions about his upcoming film adaptation of King's recent novel, 11/22/63, a book about a man who time travels to attempt to stop the Kennedy assassination.  

“Stephen and I are working together on the script right now. After all these years, what I’ve come to understand is don’t plan the script that you’re really thrilled with," he explained. "At the heart of '11/22/63' is this profound, magnificent challenge that our hero is faced with, which is that the past doesn’t want to be changed. Our boy Jake has his work cut out for him if he really wants to change history. He really has to go up against it. And he may or may not succeed."

When asked if the movie will be faithful to the book Demme said:

“You never know. There’s a dozen movies in '11/22/63.' We’re finding the one that we think is kind of the best of all. And Stephen is wide open. The book is the book. The movie will be something different. It’s great fun working with him.”

Demme has a long career including directing The Silence of the Lambs.

For more of the interview check out Indiewire.



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