Lilja had an exclusive interview with Tom Holland, director of The Langoliers and Thinner.  He is currently working on The 10 O'clock People.

At this point Tom is writing the screenplay for The Ten O’Clock People and the plan is to start shooting on August 29. Tom admits to it being a close call when I ask him if that isn’t a very tight schedule for him to do the screenplay. He is desperately working to get it done in time and so far it looks good. 

On The Langoliers mini-series:

“I think The Langoliers is a terrific movie. We did it under very difficult circumstances. It was made at the Bangor airport in the summer, during the tourist season, and we had to make it look deserted”. The Langoliers also didn’t have a lot of money to shoot for. “We shoot for $16 million and in those days we didn’t have digital yet. And I think it was a very strong miniseries”. 

On Thinner:

It took roughly 14 years to get the movie done because no studio wanted to touch it because of the ending and you can’t help but comparing it to the movie version of The Mist that did keep its original ending and had to take a lot of heat for it. And all of you that’s hoping that the original ending will end up on a special edition of the movie on DVD or blu-ray, don’t get your hopes up. The original ending ended up on the editing floor and is forever lost. 

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