Cemetery Dance is offering a really cool deal.  New hardcover editions of The Talisman and Black House, by King and Peter Straub, in a custom slipcase.  The books are the all new Scribner hardcover editions with new cover art, and a custom made slipcase.  Part of the special offer is an incredible artwork poster created by Tomislav Tikulin.

Included in this Collectible Set:
* the new hardcover edition of The Talisman, to be published by Scribner this fall ($35.00 retail value)
* the new hardcover edition of Black House, to be published by Scribner this fall ($35.00 retail value)
* a special Limited Edition Slipcase custom-made by Cemetery Dance specifically for this set. This huge slipcase will be sized perfectly to protect both books and the design features will include custom hot-foil stamping and the high production values of our previous Stephen King slipcases. ($29.95 retail value)
* an original full-size poster featuring original artwork by Tomislav Tikulin that is being commissioned by Cemetery Dance specifically for this set ($20 retail value)

Buy it from Cemetery Dance for $99 HERE.










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