I recently listened to the audiobook version of Wind, after reading the hardcover, and loved every minute of it.  There is something that I love about an author reading their own work.  I was going to write a detailed review but found one on Fearnet that was incredibly complete, including reviews of King's reading of the other Dark Tower Books (he only read the first 3, which were re-read in later editions by Frank Muller).

King's love for the book was enough to bring him out of semi-retirement…as an audiobook reader.  While he recently provided narration for "Harvey's Dream," a short story from his 2008 collection, King hasn't done a full-on audiobook since 2000's On Writing, and hasn't read a Dark Tower novel since The Waste Lands in 1991 – over two decades ago!  So why return now?  The answers may lie in the past.

Check out the excellent review by Kevin Quigley over at Fearnet.com.

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