Access Atlanta posted a short review of the music from Ghost Brothers.  This isn't a full review of the play, they're waiting until it comes out of previews to post that.

 ”Ghost Brothers,” directed by Susan Booth, is a rustic musical. There are no fancy orchestrations or swelling symphonies; simply the type of instruments you’d expect to hear in Mellencamp’s own music – slide guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, accordion – and songs that range from guttural and goofy (“That’s Me”) to a barroom stomper (“Put Me in the Ground”) to melancholy pop balladry (“Away From This World”).

I hope they release the music as an album.  I'd love to hear it.

For the full review head over here.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is a collaboration from Stephen King and John Mellencamp.  For more about Ghost Brothers click HERE.


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