New England Film posted a good interview with Monroe Mann Ronnie Khalil and Jorge Valdes Iga about their indie film You Can't Kill Stephen King.

DW: Are you guys big Stephen King fanatics? Would you say his stories are a continuing source of creative inspiration for you?

Mann: I have a number of his books. The first was “The Running Man”, when he wrote as Richard Bachman. This is my favorite King book, and incidentally, for you fans of “The Hunger Games,” you should probably read “The Running Man” and notice the similarities…

Khalil: We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our co-writer, Bob Madia, who provided a lot of the in-depth King lore.

Mann: Yes, he made certain that references to King’s books and stories were accurate and that Stephen King fans wouldn’t be disappointed. If they are, Bob’s email address is…

DW: Does Stephen King know about the film? What do you think his reaction would be? Do you think he will ever see it?

Mann: We’re pretty excited that he posted the trailer on his official website a few weeks ago. So that’s a plus. Right before we started shooting, we provided Mr. King a copy of the script and asked him to be in it. He politely declined. Incidentally, he was actually in the area while we were filming, and I ran into him at the local market. I said, “Hi.”

Khalil: We’re hoping Mr. King sees this film as a tribute to his great work, and as a fun film by some young filmmakers. How will he react? We hope he likes it. In fact, I hope he likes it so much he decides to adopt me.

I hope they get some kind of good distribution.  I'd love to see this on the big screen.

For the rest of the interview check over here.

You Can't Kill Stephen King is premiering at the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival on April 14th.


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