FEARnet posted a review of Gauntlet Press' Limited edition book commemorating Battleground. Battleground was the first episode in the television adaptation of Nightmares and Dreamscapes, starring William Hurt in a completely silent role.

Stephen King’s Battleground looks at the short film from all angles: expectedly, King’s original short story is here, as compact and unsettling as always, as is Matheson’s excellent script. (Side note: if the lack of dialogue in the film seems unsettling, in the script it’s downright bizarre. For those who have read scripts before, this teleplay feels markedly denser; Matheson makes up for it with short, clipped stage direction that translates to our image of Hurt’s Renshaw with ease.) In addition to the screenplay, Matheson also edited the book and provided the appreciative introduction. But then there are essays and interviews with everyone involved: the producer, the head of TNT programming, the makeup designer, and a short essay by William Hurt – a self-proclaimed Stephen King fan – himself. These different perspectives offer in-depth insights into the process of turning Stephen King’s imagination into film. (A bonus: a lot of these sections are just fun; these people are as blown away by how terrific “Battleground” is as critics and audiences were.)

For the full review, head over here.

The 125-copy Signed Numbered Edition, signed by Richard Christian Matheson, Jeff Beal, and other contributors to the film, can be had for $125; this edition includes a free DVD bonus of “Battleground.” The regular limited edition, unsigned, is $75. Both of these editions feature eight full-color pages of never-before-released photos from TNT. Buy either edition here.

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