Bev Vincent posted a follow up to his recent article about Ghost Brothers.  This time it's a full review.

The show's staging, lighting and visual effects are all remarkable. When a character looks at a photograph, it is projected for the audience to see. As time ricochets back and forth, the years scroll backward and forward on the cabin's roof. Other text cues occasionally appear on the walls. Panels in the floor allow characters and props to emerge on demand. The actors do double duty as props crew. Though those who use the lover's leap are obviously jumping safely onto an air bag, the fact that they perform this ten-foot leap at all is impressive—and they have to do it several times. During the energetic dance routine—reminiscent of "Thriller"—that ends Act 1 ("Tear This Cabin Down"), the lights make the entire stage look like it's on fire.

To read the full review head over HERE.

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