Stephen King's longtime editor, Scribner Editor-in-Chief Nan Graham, and King's longtime editor and agent Chuck Verrill, of Darhansoff and Verrill, talk about King's new novel, The Wind Through the Keyhole.

Well, Steve's been living with Roland so long, his whole adult life really, and Roland’s a wheel that just keeps on turning. Pure speculation on my part, but Steve’s got kids who now have kids of their own, and he mentioned to me a couple of years ago he had a father-son story in mind. I think he wanted to capture something both essential and fantastic about the passage of childhood, and couldn’t resist turning to Mid-world, a setting that’s both archaic and post-apocalyptic and filled with the artifacts of our own culture. So there’s Roland, setting out on a grown-up gunslinger mission, and his weapons are not only his guns but a story his mother used to read to him at bedtime, this fantastic story about courage and loss and love. 

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