On Saturday night, Stephen King got a chance to interview Lauren Grodstein about her novel A Friend of the Family.  They spoke for about an hour in front of an audience of 200 people.  Most seemed to be there because of King.

HERE is an article about the interview.

In between talking about Grodstein's book, King got in a few quick jabs at Christie's girth, Patterson's writing ability, and the Weinstein brothers' filmmaking prowess, although he later said he was joking about that last dig.

"I'll be driving home in tinted windows tonight," Grodstein joked after King's Patterson crack.

King also answered a question from a fan who wanted to know how difficult it was for the author to see his books made into movies.

"I don't care," King said, noting that you have to "give yourself over to the process," and allow the filmmaker to run the show. "It's a team sport," he said, and "sometimes there's a good result."

King had the crowd laughing throughout the hour-long chat as he grilled Grodstein on her book. 

At one point, he asked Grodstein to describe her thinking behind a particularly racy scene in her book.

"I don't know if I want to talk about it," Grostein said, blushing.

"These people came out on a cold, slushy night – so let's get hot in here," King replied, drawing laughs from the crowd.

The two authors also talked a bit about the writing process, with Grodstein saying she gets up at 5 each morning to write. She said she loves teaching at Rutgers University because it gives her something else to do besides listen to the voices in her head.

"Geez, that's all I do," King cracked. "I guess I'm a bad person."

 THIS site has some more info and some pictures.


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