Savannah Now posted a transcript of King's reading of the first few paged of Dr. Sleep, the upcoming sequel to The Shining.  I've also included the full video.

"On the second day of December in the year of 1977, one of Colorado’s great resort hotels burned to the ground.

"The Overlook was declared a total loss after an investigation by the fire marshal of _______ County ruled that the cause had been a defective boiler. The hotel was closed for the winter when the accident occurred, and only four people were present. Three survived.

"The hotel’s offseason caretaker John Torrance was killed during an unsuccessful and heroic effort to dump the boiler’s steam pressure, which had mounted to a disastrously high level due to an inoperative relief valve. Two of the survivors were the caretaker’s wife and young son. The third was the Overlook’s chef, Richard Hallorann, who had left his seasonal job in Florida and come to check on the Torrances because of what he called 'a powerful hunch' the family was in trouble.

"Both surviving adults had been quite badly injured in the explosion. Only the child was unhurt — physically, at least.

For the rest of the text, head over to Savannah Now.

For more about Dr. Sleep click here.


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