Image from has posted a page with all of the covers of Road Rage: Throttle's first 2 issues. Each issue has 1 regular cover and 3 variant covers different.  Issue 1 is available now in both print and digital versions.

The four-issue Road Rage, which shares the title of the joint audiobook versions of Throttle and Duel, adapts both stories to comic-book form. Throttle is up first, adapted by IDW Chief Creative Officer and Zombies vs Robots co-creator Chris Ryall and artist Nelson Daniel (The Cape). The story, which unfolds over two gritty issues starting with Road Rage #1, will be released in both print and digital form on February 15 and be accompanied by variant covers from acclaimed artists such as Phil Noto and Tony Harris, as well as a temporary Tribe tattoo of your own, too. Just, if you apply that tat to your personage, be damned careful not to run afoul of any trucks out on the open road.

Here is a PDF version of the first 11 pages of Throttle.

Click for the official website.

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