Carrie, the Musical is about to open off Broadway.  I wrote about it before, here, but found this interesting article about the history of the original broadway production, on, and it's run in London before heading to NY.

Carrie On... She's Back!

Unlike most flops Carrie had a nonstop energy to the piece, it managed to hit theatrical highs one moment then scrape the bottom of the barrel the next. Buckley gave a power house performance as Margret White and Linzi Hately earned some good reviews in the title role and also won a best newcomer award.  

The score also had some real gems in, mainly the songs between mother and daughter and the idea for a stage show of Carrie (with its very operatic and theatrical themes) was not a bad one. However for all the good in the show it could not overcome the bad (largely production problems). Terrible staging, awful costumes, a confused set, a song about killing a pig and some over the top choreography by Debbie Allen sealed the shows fate.

I would usually run to see any King work brought to the stage, but at $90 a ticket, I'll wait to see some reviews.  If it ends up being great, then it will probably move to Broadway and I'll see it then.

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