Picture Courtesy of Christopherbirk.com

Matt over at the SK Fancast got the opportunity to interview Christopher Birk about his adaptation of Willa, a short story from Just After Sunset.

CB: I think I discovered, weeks after reading it for the first and second time, that I wanted to learn more about the people at the station. I wanted to explore them and was so curious about exactly what they were doing while David and Willa were away. And the more I thought of the story the more I felt it had so many different messages. It kept growing. It wasn’t just a story, but had many more layers, I felt. As the screenplay evolved, I quickly knew that it couldn’t possibly be done as a short film.

King allows, with permission, adaptation of his short stories into independent films for $1.  He calls them Dollar Babies.  The program states that the filmakers are not allowed to profit from the films.

Check out the whole interview here.