Jonathan Demme told MTV News he is in the process of adapting 11/22/63 for the big screen.  

"It's a time travel story," he said of the plot. "Somebody from the 20th century gets a window back to the past and they go back with the goal of trying to prevent the assassination of JFK. It's an extraordinary thriller. It's a great love story, also. It's a fabulous book."

Demme doesn't have a time-table on when the movie might start shooting — "First I have to get the script finished," he said, "and it's going really well" — but he did say that he feels more than a little bit privileged to be working with King after working with another American icon in Young.

"Sitting here with Neil Young, and working with Stephen King — these are two great American storytellers who use different mediums," he said.

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