Gauntlet Press is producing a book called Stephen King's Battleground. It will contain the original short story "Battleground" from Night Shift as well as the script from the adaptation of the story for TNT's "Nightmares and Dreamscapes".  Also included will be storyboards and never before released photos from the filming.  There will be 3 editions; Signed, Lettered Edition: $1250 (the only edition signed by King), Signed, Numbered Edition: $125 (signed by everyone else involved but King), and an Unsigned, Limited Edition: $75.

Here's the description from Gauntlet's Site:

 Set for Publication Spring/Summer 2012

A definitive collection of Stephen King’s classic short story with which was adapted for television by Richard Christian Matheson. We start with King’s short story and then move to R.C. Matheson’s script for the opening episode of “Nightmares and Dreamscapes”, which starred William Hurt and was directed by Brian Henson. Henson will provide storyboards used for the episode which won two Emmy awards. The book will contain one signature (8 pages) of color photos from TNT’s archives; photos never before released.

 Those contributing include:

  • Director Brian Henson
  • Executive Producer Bill Haber
  • Jeff Beal, who won an Emmy for his score for Battleground
  • Actor William Hurt
  • Michael Wright, Executive Vice President and Director of Programming for TNT
  • Visual Effects director Sam Nicholson
  • Producer Jeff Hayes
  • Lee Romaire, Special Makeup and Effects Designer

Editing the book is Richard Christian Matheson, who also wrote the screenplay for the episode.

BONUS: Those purchasing the signed numbered and lettered edition will get a free copy of the DVD of the "Battleground" episode.

Here's an article and some pictures from Lilja's Library about the filming and special effects from the TNT show.